Closing Day!

What to Bring to Closing

  • Your Government Issued Photo ID- Such as a drivers license. Some lenders will require a second form of identification.
  • Required Funds for Closing- Either a cashier check or wire transfer is required for amounts over $499 
  • Extra Keys and Garage Openers!
  • Your Spouse-In most cases, the spouse, even if non-borrowing, is required to sign the mortgage and a few other documents as borrower and at least the deed as seller of a property.

What to Expect at Closing


  • A brief explanation of each document will be provided to you prior to signing. If further explanation is requested, we will be happy to contact your loan officer or you may seek legal counsel at any time before signing the documents.
  • Upon request, you may review all documents prior to closing.
  • Copies of all documents are provided to the customer in either paper or electronic form.
  • As mentioned above, if funds are required from you, it must be delivered to us by wire transfer or in the form of a cashier’s check.
  • Each side of closing takes approximately 30 minutes

Questions?? Contact us! or 479-968-4853